Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In class blog

Blog synopsis:

Due to insufficient time and access I haven’t been able to implement and establish a class blog that all students have access to, though this is what I would do

1. Establish a generic blog for students to access and contribute to.
2. Have students write and regularly upload their finding on their blog regarding the solar system unit students are participating in now.
3. I would allocate groups of three a plant in the solar system to investigate and research.
4. From that students would need to upload a 700-word blog that details their findings and informs others within the class about that particular planet.
5. Students will be expected to comment on each others blogs.

It will be made clear to students that they cannot use this as a communication method between peers, it is strictly for this particular assessment piece. The expectations of this task will be made clear to students before they are presented with this task.
This is what I would do to utilise blogging within my classroom though there are many other ways that this technology can be enhanced and used within a unit of work.

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